Division 3 Receives Tractors and Rice Seeds

On 26 April 2015, Division 3 received some tractors and rice seeds from Men Sarun Co., Ltd and inter-ministerial working group before rainy season starts.

In order to improve livelihood of soldiers and their families, General Department of Logistics and Finance created activities to encourage units with favorable land conditions to grow plants and vegetable as well as rice to add to the food regime provided by the Royal government.

General Department of Logistics and Finance has been cooperating with private sectors, especially Men Sarun Co., Ltd to help units and their families to receive interest free loans, equipment while working with the ministry of economy and finance and the ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

From 2012 to 2014, Men Sarun Co., Ltd provided credit to plant on 240 hectares of land, or equal to US$120,000.00, and units have also returned the credit to the company. During this second phases, the company provided US$ 600.00 credit to each of the 450 families. The loan can be returned within 3 years.

Lt. General Tep Sam An, on behalf of General Department of Logistics and Finance, added that the division 3 has also received 30 tons of rice seeds from Prime Minister Hun Sen through secretary of state of ministry of finance H.E Vongsey Visoth, who is represented by H.E Nov Sok Sambath and H.E Prak Cheatho of General Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture. All families were excited to receive the credit, seeds, and machineries

General Sum Samnang, Director General of Logistics and Finance has been recommending that friendship between public and private sectors be maintained so that improvement of soldiers can be accelerated.